Chinese Herbs for Asthma and Brochitis

ASTHMA is an old and a common disease. The common causes of asthma are allergies, infections, cold season, bronchitis, sinus, air pollution and stress. The symptoms are sneezing, wheezing and dysponea, causing low oxygen in the blood, which gradually affects the heart. In western medicine, they treat Asthma by giving patients Franol, Ventolin and in severe cases, Aminophylline injection. However, these Western medicines cannot treat asthma and due to chemical compositions, have many side effects.

By two thousand, three hundred years ago a Chinese old book had recorded about Asthma calling it chuan, meaning wheezing. At that time, Chinese herbal doctors had discovered some medicine, which could help treat Asthma. They found more than 60 different herbs, which were very effective in stopping wheezing, coughing and bronchitis. These herbs are still very effective and include Ma do ling’ and Chinese Ginseng roots.

Chinese herbal medicine improves acute asthma in 2 weeks but chronic asthma takes 1 to 2 months to improve. For good results patients will need to continue with treatment for some time guided by the doctors / staff advice.

Oriental Chinese Herb Company doctors, after research and treatment of asthma patients for 6 years, discovered one group of medicine which is very good for Asthma and bronchitis called ‘Ke chuan ling’ it contains 16 Chinese herbal medicines.

"Ke Chuan Ling" can increase one’s immunity and promote the blood circulation and it is a very good herbal antibiotic. It also reduces allergy and infections. It stimulates the respiration, dilates the bronchi and it is a tonic to lungs, heart and kidney.

After treating more than 2,000 Asthma patients in East Africa, we found that patients who take "Ke Chuan Ling" for only 1 or 2 months improve. With regular intake of the Ke chuan ling tea and capsules they are able to lead a normal life and to continue with work without major complications. These herbs have helped many patients who suffered from Asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis.

Oriental Chinese Herb Company Limited brings the best Chinese herbal anti-asthma tea to Africa, hoping "Ke Chuan Ling" will help to eradicate asthma in Africa.