Why do people get sick?

People get sick when there is a reduction of the body immunity. Chinese herbs can boost and normalized body immunity. With high immunity it is difficult to get any attack or sickness.

Why do people get cancer?

People get cancer when there is a multiplication of abnormal cells. There are several reasons which can make body immunity to reduce, damage the DNA chain and make the metabolism procedure or process of the cell to be destroyed.

  1. Air pollution such as the exhausted gas from the car, dioxin (DDT insecticides) pesticides. Also processing of fried food produces high acrylemide, which can also damage the body. Usage of food color, radio, mobile phone, microwaves can also be a reason which causes cancer.
  2. Chronic infection and virus infection can damage the DNA chain.
  3. Bad habits such as smoke and drink.
  4. Stress, depression, hormone imbalance can also destroy or reduce body immunity.

Why western medication can not treat cancer successfully?

1. Radiotherapy

Since the cancer cells are not sensitive to the radiotherapy treatment, it also kills or destroys the normal cells and has a lot of side effects such like reducing immunity.

2. Chemotherapy

It acts the same as radiotherapy.

3. Operation

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, most likely is at the middle or last stage where it has already metastases to the other parts of the body and one can operation.

How much cancer cells in the body? See the following chart.

According to the latest research this phenomenal was discovered. The biggest tumor is like the king which controls the growing of the smaller tumors. If the large tumor is removed by operation, the smaller ones can grow very faster. They can grow to the same size of biggest tumor with an average of 78days. That is why condition of the most cancer patients reoccur after operation.

What should people do after diagnosed with cancer?

Accept the problem, face it and challenge it. Be optimistic and should always remember "Courage can overcome all the obstacles". Keep on doing exercises and the best time for exercises is 5-7pm, because at this time the oxygen is high, enzyme and body hormones are highly active.

Which vegetables can help cancer patients?

Ginger, mushrooms, carrots, onions, tomato, asparagus, soybeans, Chinese cabbage, garlic, lever, purple cabbage, edible mushrooms, Chinese kelp. Avoid eating deep fried food and meat, smoke, drinking of alcohol, intake of junk food and soft drinks like sodas. Also avoid usage of microwaves, mobile phone, electronics which produces a lot of radiation.

How Aifukang tea can manage cancer

  1. If diagnosed with cancer at early stage, you can choose to be operated and at the same time take Aifukang tea which can help to boost immunity and kill the remaining cancer cells.
  2. Patient can combine Aifu kang tea with acupuncture treatment when there are any metastases to the other parts of the body.

Why Chinese Herbal medicine can treat cancer?

1.Many Chinese herbs are natural interferon inducer. They can inhibit telomere and telomerase of cancer cells; induce cancer cell apoptosis without side effects. Some herbs can dissolve cancer tumor, some can prevent and treat tumor metastases. Some researches done in China. Doctor put liver cancer cells in herb liquid, after half hour 98% liver cancer cells were killed.

Aifukang tea is natural interferon inducer. It can inhibit cancer tumor and at the same time can boost immunity and protect the normal cells and body organs.

Treatment of cancer is a big challenge and very complicated.

This is a new hope to cancer patients.