New research reveals that 90% of type 2 diabetic mellitus patients blood insulin is normal,the pancrease even produce more than the normal quantities of insulin. A major feature of type 2 diabetes lack sensitivity to insulin,commonly reffered to as insulin resistance by the body cells( particularly fat and muscle cells).

Obesity and lack of body exercise greatly hinder Non insulin Dependant Diabetes Mellitus ( NIDDM).

Xiao Tang Ling,a mixure of Chinese herbs can reduce insulin resistance,increase insulin sensitivity ratio,boost immunity,promote blood circulation,reduce the fat tissues and cholestrol,prevent diabetic complications and regenerates the pancrease.It is a natural anti oxidant and can also repair the DNA chain and protect the body organs.

Recommended diet

These include maize(Rich in fibres and vitamins c 3 times higher than rice).Oats is also recommended as it consists plenty of natural fibres and minerals.

Vegetables that can help reduce blood sugar and fat,these include;Edible mushrooms,Karela(bitter cucumber)Carrots,Onions,Garlic,Common yam rhizome,Tomato,Cucumber,Asparagus,Soya beans,Chinese cabbage,Calabash,Pumpkin and Celery.

Fruits Include

Strawberry,Pawpaw(contains Vitamins C 48 times higher than in apples),Kiwi fruits and green apples.Best time to eat fruits is one hour after meals.


Walking is the best natural way to exercise.Walk for 40 – 60mins after dinner between 5- 7pm.At this time the oxygen is high,hormones and enzymes in the body is most active. Feet massage therapy is also recommended,deep your feet in hot water for 20 mins.


Intake of junk foods,fried chips,deep fried foods,sugary foods and artificial beverages like soda and squash juice which may contain carbon acid.Alcohol is also harmful to diabetic patients.

Complications related to diabetes can be treated with Chinese herbal products.

Eye problems Qizu di huang,a mixure of Chinese herbs can help the retina nerve regenerate.
High blood pressure Jang yang ling tea and tablets can regulate and normalise the BP.
Low libido Gwiling Dan capsules is a Chinese herbal viagra improves libido.
Heart problems Take Danshen Capsules / tablets
Limbs pain Red Flower oil can be used externally and acupuncture can also be administered.
Diabetes Depending on one’s blood sugar level, Xiao Tang Ling can gradually make you less dependent on convectional medicines and insulin.