Epilepsy is a common and dangerous disease of the nervous system. In the Far East 5-7 in a thousand patients suffer from epilepsy. In Africa, 15-17 in a thousand patients suffer from epilepsy.


Heredity, brain damages, RTA, Malaria – (cerebral), Brain tumors, meningitis, diabetes, T.B, etc.

Some teenagers and children do not have stable nervous system, if they expose themselves to radioactive lights like Television, videos, computers etc, they can have epileptic fits.


Headache, dizziness, unconsciousness, convulsions, frothing. If convulsions continue, some patients can die. The attacks can occur anytime during the day or night. In severe cases, attacks can occur about 30-100 times a day. Epileptic fits can severely damage brain and reduce patients’ intelligence and memory. A patient cannot drive nor do any electrical work. Many people die of epileptic fits or attacks.


Poor concentration, poor memory, low intelligence etc


Western medicines can control the symptoms by 50% but cannot treat the condition and have many side effects after a long term course of treatment. A common side effect with these products is the swelling and bleeding of gums.

In China, 2300 years ago, there was already in record, people who had been treated with Chinese herbal medicines. 600 years ago in Sun dynasty, some doctors used 5 new herbs with “Mongolia” {Antelope horn} to treat epilepsy. In recent years Chinese Minister of Health and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau every year organizes Epilepsy Conference. They have documented over time more than 50 herbs that can cure and reduce epilepsy while also improving the brain function and blood circulation, activate brain cells DNA and RNA, reduce free radicals, stop and reduce epileptic fits, improve the memory and intelligence.

Japanese doctors also discovered that Chinese Herbal “Chaihu” herbal soup could reduce brain epilepsy, waves and frequency of epileptic attacks.Dr. Li Chuan of Oriental Chinese Clinicrecommends continuos intake of DJN for at least 6 to 8 months for good results. Oriental Chinese Herbs Company Limited brings the best Chinese herbal products to Africa. Now epileptic patients can rest assured that they can continue with work and live normally.

"Ding Jing Ning" tea and capsules/tablets, are made with 12 Chinese herbal medicines. After taking DJN, most of the epilepsy cases can be controlled. A big number of the patients after taking DJN for one month and continuing using it will be able to stay without getting fits. Some of the patients can be treated with no side effects and can be able to work normally with increased intelligence and good memory.