Health Tips

What is compelling people towards alternative therapies?

Humble herbs that brighten the landscape with their lovely flowers and delight us with their fragrances and delightful tastes, when prepared in form of tea to calm the nerves, normalize digestion or relieve ailments, are only one part of the many natural resources that we have at our disposal so to live happily and healthfully.

Why are people turning to alternative medicine?

These are many reasons, from blind desperation to positive search for a transformation, that explain why people are willing to consult an herbalist or other alternative therapist. One strong motivating force of growing importance is the fear of chemical drugs and their side effects, as well as the traumatic effects of surgical operations.

Herbs in Healing

Plants in general and medicinal plants in particular give no evidence that they happened by chance. Herbal medicine can viewed as the precursor of modern pharmacology, but today it continues as an effective and more natural method of treating and preventing illness.Globally, herbal medicine is three to four times more commonly practiced than conventional medicine.

The Diet Cure

In some cases of sickness, the very best remedy is to fast for a meal or two so that the overworked digestion organs may have an opportunity to rest, followed by a fruit diet for a few days.

The Mind Cure

The relation that exists between the mind and body is very “Intimate” when is affected the other sympathizes. Many of the diseases from which man suffer are the results of mental depression.

Rest as a Remedy

Rest is essential to restoration of good health. Roaming through the fields, picking flowers, listening to music will do well toward a fatigue recovery.

Foods That Slow the Aging Process

Although there is no way to keep one from aging, a healthful diet and lifestyle are indeed of slowing the onset and preventing its associated degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis,rheumatism,cataracts,cancer and others which tend to increase in later years.Consumption of of anti oxidants such as plant based foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables neutralize the oxidizing action of free radicals hence protect against the premature aging and other ailments associated with aging in general.