HIV infection is one of the most dangerous diseases of our time. It has a very high mortality rate and there is presently no complete cure. At our clinic we use the Taibao range of products to manage the health of individuals who are infected by the HIV virus. The products help in boosting immunity, increasing their CD4 count, and in reducing their viral load. We thus are able to delay the onset of the opportunistic infections, and also to treat successfully those already present.

The Tai bao products are made using a combination of Chinese herbs that have proved to be effective in treating people infected by the HIV virus. These herbs are effective in increasing the body’s immunity and some of them are effective in inhibiting the HIV virus rendering it inactive. Under laboratory conditions some of these herbs can change the replication of the HIV virus destroying it in the process. The herbs combined to produce the Tai bao products are of these properties.

Tai bao products are developed using the principles and methods of Chinese Traditional Medicine. They are provided as teas, capsules and creams.

Tai bao teas are the principle products in the Tai bao range and are used at every stage of the infection to help boost and protect the patient’s immune system. Tai bao capsules are of different types and are used to treat different opportunistic infections in combination with the tea. Tai bao creams help with skin infections such as herpes zoster and Kaposi’s sarcoma. In topical form, Tai bao is absorbed through the skin and helps in cases where patients and infants are not able to take the Tai bao products orally.

Many of the anti retroviral products currently available especially in the Kenyan market place generate side effects that cause adverse reactions in their users. Drug resistance is also high especially after prolonged use. Made from natural herbs Taibao products are ‘peaceful’, and without toxic effects. Once taken on a full stomach patients are able to use them comfortably. The Taibao products are also comparatively much cheaper than many of the available anti retroviral regimes.

Most patients infected by the virus are weakened by opportunistic infections, which are recurrent and with time become resistant to medication. Our experience in the treatment of opportunistic infections in HIV positive patients, such as oral thrush, chronic diarrhea, fever, cough, itching, herpes zoster, Kaposi’s sarcoma, indicates that they are better treated using herbal products. In some cases the treatment period is shorter with herbal medicines than with chemical drugs.

The use of a balanced diet while using the Tai bao products is highly recommended.

Ginger Helps to increase appetite and promote digestion of foods.Promotes blood circulation and increases immunity.It helps prevent and treat diarrhea, vomiting and coughing.When mixed with garlic it helps in case of pneumonia.